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Salonhero app letöltése - iOS Szolgáltató
Salonhero app letöltése - Android Szolgáltató

Ecosystem of the beauty industry

800 service providers and 11,000 guests gather in one app, which puts us ahead of all competitors!

And we started only 1 year ago...

Manage your own clientele

Integrable booking interface

Filling empty seats and cancellations

Automatic reminders

What is our offer?

For Salons and Solopreneurs

Be your own boss: set & share your opening hours

Your guest list in one place

Fits next to

a paper calendar

or online booking system

as well

You get a website, an embeddable booking interface

Automatic appointment reminders




in Budapest

Guest profiles and their ratings, statistics

Gather your profiles in one place

Guests and service providers

in 1 app

Hungarian business

You can encourage guests to return

They say about us

A system that works quickly, flexibly and simply with continuous improvements and innovations! Direct good relationship and communication between the service providers and the Salonhero team! The arriving guests also love and praise it!



Everyone at them uses Salonhero. I like that it is tailored to sole proprietors, we can build our own clientele and have it, which supports the different stages of our careers.



I am very satisfied, the app is easy to use, it is good that you paid so much attention to us, the service providers, through the feedback. I like that a small community is formed between the guests and the professionals. 💚 I really like your Pacek Péntek series, Krisz, that you try to visit as many Salonheros as possible, so we can get to know them a little more closely 😊



I liked the neat and easy-to-use application from the very first moment! The continuous and direct contact makes the use smoother, I trust that even more people will get to know it!



I don't even know where I would be without Salonhero, specifically the app saved my business! Maybe it's because of my "girlfriend"-looking profile picture, but since I registered, I've had 10+ guests a month, and my clientele is growing much faster than I expected!


Nail technician

Easy to use, simple, demanding site. I think that this is a very good opportunity for us professionals, as well as for those guests who cannot plan ahead, but want to use services quickly, yet in a reliable / reliable place.

I had my first guest through the app today and everything went smoothly, thank you 🥰



Latest news about Salons

Build your profile and guests will be able to reach you much more efficiently from now on!

Convenient booking

Guests can reach you on the app or on your website

Fill in your free slots

Notify all your guests to check your calendar and encourage them to come back to your regularly

Premium visibility

Share your website on social media, be a highligthed provider for searching guests in your area

Register so guests can see you!

You can share your availability today, and all searching guests can immediately see that you are available! Perfect for expanding your clientele or filling up your calendar.

Salonhero app letöltése - iOS Szolgáltató
Salonhero app letöltése - Android Szolgáltató

Earn extra income

We know that an empty chair is the most expensive chair. That is why we want to reduce them to a minimum with the service providers.

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